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My name is Angie Vanessa Sandoval Palma, was born on June 2, 1997 in Espinal, Tolima at 2:30 pm,

I have 15 years, my primary school examination at the Gym Campreste Semillero the sixth and seventh

grade I did at school our Lady of the cedu rosary and in grades eight

through grade 11 in the San Isidoro study. My aspirations to finish high school is to go to college to study engineering systems.

in this photo is of my family there we were at my house because I was fulfilling years.The house is

in the neighborhood arkabal is three floors. I live on the first floor and two floors of being managed

by xq there are two apartments for rental, there lives my mother called Elizabeth Palma cardozo She is an accountant,

works in the ITFIP

good this I will describe: the dog is my neighbor who is my godmother to her as a lady gift since he was born,

I love you and care what is called the race PINKI is pinscher, the coloris black, playful, eats a lot

the breast of the dog's name is exactly like the lula Although smaller

go down

because what I most like to do is be on the computer because I can is chatiar on facebook with my friends,as it

is be on the computer because I cansee photos of people and therefore no avail tambn homework from school

these are my friends from school that picture we took at the party of a classmate named Michelle Sanchez were at her house she discharged 14 years,

there are Lina Vidal,Melissa Castillo, laura garcia, monica Bautista em though no longer speak with her problems

Michelle Andrea was the birthday girl, yohan -Arken go and I vanessa sandoval. There were enjoying the fine I were having the conosco them from

grade 8 When I got to San Isidoro


this is the race that I wanna do when I get out of school, this is engineering systems used to operate computers as well uncover

to which I have said that race is dicil because many math but I'm bad for that but I'm good for the systems

and also I would like to have money because that is an engineering also in mathematics one can learn and because other people can as I will not be able

well luckily I leave next year to study and I start to study system

good this university is called the public itfip, remains in the cord Arkabal Tolima in the neighborhood, t's also pretty big and

I can pursue a career that I can that is systems engineering, besides ahii I can come off as professional engineer

will study the night to work in the morning and afternoon , at the university tambn a school for young children called simnasio country hotbed...

also has a house where pigs

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